Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Before you speak with a police officer or a prosecutor, it’s a good idea to ask a criminal justice attorney to be present. At The Law Office Of John G. Heather, I am a former Assistant District Attorney. My practice is based in Dallas, Texas, and I offer flexible appointment options.

Individual Attention

You can come to me if you have questions about drug laws, domestic battery claims, gun law violations, and allegations of violent behavior. I am the lawyer that will personally look into the details of your case. When required, photography experts, investigators, and other specialists can also assist myself with expanding upon an argument.

The Law Office Of John G. Heather was established in 1988. I am here for people from Dallas who need the representation of a local criminal defense attorney. I don’t want you to worry about the cost of counsel, and that’s why I offer flexible payment plans. You can also request legal advice from me in English or Spanish. Contact my firm today and have me conduct a full review of the charges leveled against you.

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